Course Overview:

Students develop their understanding and knowledge of skills, technique and style through termly units. This includes working in the Digital Media Suite where Music Technology is explored further. Units in Year 7 include Introduction to Music, Keyboard skills, Riffs and Hooks and Music and Art.


Enrichment Ideas 

Suggested reading 

  • The story of the Orchestra by Robert Levine

  • Children’s book of music - by DK

  • Help! I’m in treble! by Baby Professor 

Films & documentaries

  • Hairspray the musical

  • Sound of Music

  • West Side Story

  • The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Cultural experiences

  • Externally run enrichment (Samba band)

  • Performing in the Berry theatre (Christmas concert, Summer concert, Year 7 musician of the year)

  • Busking zone performance opportunity

  • WIldern Music Festival

Things to see and do locally

  • Matinee performance of the school show in the Berry

  • Live performances in the busking site

  • Music theatre at the Point/Berry

  • Wildern Music Festival performances in Berry theatre

  • Musical productions at the Mayflower theatre

Top 5 Websites

Things we do

  • KS3 choir

  • Ukulele club

  • Brass band/orchestra/jazz band/ Guitar ensemble (invited students only)

  • Whole school productions

  • Percussion ensemble