Letter sent to Year 11 Parents / Students

Dear Year 11,

This letter is coming to you later than I expected after the letter to all parents was sent about 7.30 and I am sorry about the timings and not getting both out together.

You are now aware of the government's announcement regarding the shutting of schools and exams. They still have not made it clear as to the way in which grades will be awarded and when we know more, of course we will let you know.

We have taken the decision to not have you in school tomorrow and Friday so that we can further prepare for the changes ahead. We are in as much shock as you are. We decided to give us all time to digest everything and see if more information is forthcoming - we do not believe that today is Year 11's last day. We need to know whether we are asking you to continue to work or not and as yet we don't have the answer - can you imagine tomorrow's lessons without us knowing?

Therefore once we have clarification from the government about how you are going to get your qualifications for the future we will know if you need to complete work or not and we will also then be able to start to plan the celebration of your time at Wildern - we will definitely not deny any of you this - the shirt signing, leavers assembly etc etc; it is not something we would do to you.
This has been a bolt out of the blue and we need time which we were not given this evening.
I hope this helps in some way... we will be in touch very shortly to update parents and students once we have more information so keep an eye on your emails.
You are important to us - we have been together for almost five years, please rest assured we will be seeing each other very soon to celebrate.

I will be in touch as soon as we know more
Mrs Oakley

Ceri Oakley