Course Overview:

Students will embed key Art skills, knowledge and understanding in 3 main projects; the Ceramic House project where students also research the Architect Antoni Gaudi, the Van Gogh/Seurat Painting Project and a drawing project inspired by artist Andrea Joseph.


Enrichment ideas


Suggested reading 

  • Katie and the….

  • Vincent ‘s colours by William Lach

  • Vincent Van Gogh and the Colours of the Wind by Chiara Lossani

  • My Brother Vincent by De Bei

Films & documentaries

  • Great British Throw down

  • Starry Night

  • Loving Vincent

  • I am Vincent

  • Nate: Artrageous

Cultural experiences

  • Visit an Art Gallery and discuss what you see/like

  • Go out and about and draw and photograph 

  • Get involved in local, national and international competitions, there are lots advertised via the art department

  • Encourage your child to keep their work in a sketchbook. Take them on holidays and family days out.

Things to see and do locally

  • Wildern D@rt centre

  • Southampton City Art Gallery

  • Sea City Museum / Solent Showcase / Solent Sky Museum / Tudor House

  • Beaulieu / Bursledon Brickworks

  • Winchester Discovery Centre

  • John Hansard Gallery 

  • Hobby Craft workshops

  • Today @ Apple

Top 5 Websites

Things we do

  • Art Club / Join the Art Enrichment Google Classroom

  • Art competitions / Photography Competitions

  • Trips