Course Overview:

Autumn Term: An introduction to choreography, performance and analysis and Still Life at the Penguin Cafe.
Spring Term: World Dance – Bollywood, Line dancing, Haka, Rock & Roll
Summer Term: Dynamics - Superheroes

Enrichment Ideas 

Suggested reading 

  • Ballet Boys

  • Rambert Dance

Films & documentaries

  • Still Life at the Penguin cafe (David Bintley

  • The Incredibles

Cultural experiences

  • Theatre visits The Berry, Mayflower, Nuffield, London, Sadlers Wells

  • Performing as a part of the dance extra curricular programme in the Berry Theatre

  • Experiencing different dance styles at local clubs/dance school

Things to see and do locally

  • Dance clubs at school

  • D@rt Centre dancer activities

  • The Point Theatre 

  • The Berry Theatre

  • The Mayflower Theatre

Top 5 Websites

Things we do

  • Year 7 Dance club

  • The Unheard Boys Dance Company

  • Junior bare roots (by invite only) 

  • Showcases x3 in the Berry Theatre