Course Overview:

All students follow the National Curriculum and study a range of contemporary and seminal texts, including Shakespeare. Additionally, students learn to write effectively for different purposes and audiences, and develop their speaking and listening skills through presentations, paired and group discussions and debate.



Enrichment Ideas 


Suggested reading 

Films & documentaries

  • ‘The Tempest’ (2010 edition)

  • ‘The Tempest’ - Stratford Upon Avon Festival on film (available on youtube)

Cultural experiences

  • See ‘The Tempest’ live in a theatre

  • London Science Museum which has a display on London asylums in the Victorian Era

  • Go to London’s Bedlam hospital (still standing) to get a better understanding of the setting of ‘12 minutes to midnight’

Things to see and do locally

  • Visit to the Mayflower or Nuffield Theatre  to watch a Shakespeare (or any play!) to get a sense of how a play is performed on stage

  • Medieval Merchant’s house in the city centre will give students an insight into everyday life in Shakespeare’s time

Top 3 Websites

Things we do

  • Trips to see the Tempest if it is on at the theatre

  • Have performance poets in school, exploring different types of poetry with the students and encouraging them to create their own

  • Spilling Ink - our creative writing club

  • Wildern Speaks - our debate club