Course Overview:

Students will study the Medieval World, looking at the Battle of Hastings, the Power of the Church and the Black Death. They will then study The Tudors and Stuarts, looking at the Reformation, Civil War and Great Plague, transatlantic slave trade and the Industrial Revolution.


Enrichment Ideas 


Suggested reading 

  • King of Shadows - Susan Cooper (Shakespeare)

  • Children of Winter - Berlie Doherty (Plague)

  • Corum Boy - Jamila Gavin (Industrial London)

  • ‘A Traveller in Time’ - Alison Uttley (Tudor)

  • ‘The Door in the Wall’ Marguerite de Angeli (medieval)

Films & documentaries

  • Horrible Histories series

  • Mary Queen of Scotts 

  • Robin Hood 

  • BBC World Service - Witness Black History

Cultural experiences

  • Battle Abbey

  • Imperial War museum

  • Tower of London 

  • London Dungeons 

  • National History museum

Things to see and do locally

  • Portsmouth dockyard/ Mary Rose

  • Southampton City Walls/ Tudor House & Garden/ sea city museum

  • Tower of London/ London Dungeons

  • Stonehenge 

  • Buckler's Hard (Beaulieu)

Top 3 Websites

Things we do

  • Clips and videos throughout scheme of work to bring History alive

  • Trips to London

  • Archaeology club