Course Overview:

In Year 7 students will learn across a range of topics how to ask and answer questions, state developed opinions and apply knowledge of grammar; verb conjugation in present, past and future tenses.
They will begin to develop the following learning strategies: memorising new vocabulary, using a bi-lingual dictionary, listening for gist and detail and applying basic phonic patterns.


Enrichment Ideas 


Suggested reading online 

  • French: Le journal des enfants 

  • German: Deutsche Welle Learn German website, Goethe Institut City of words 

  • Spanish:, SAP Comics: Mafalda

Films & documentaries

  • French: TinTin, Seven & Me (Netflix)

  • German: Das Wunder von Bern, Nico’s Weg (Deutsche Welle website)

  • Spanish: Zipi y Zape y la isla del capitán.

Cultural experiences

  • French: Try a day trip to Calais via Dover, - listen to live radio

  • German: Pen pal letters with pupils from German partner school

  • Spanish: Virtual tour of Barcelona

Things to see and do locally

  • French: Cafe Luc (cheese and ham) Romsey

  • German: German Christmas Market

  • Spanish: La Regata restaurant Southampton

Top 5 Websites

Things we do

  • Foreign Language Film Club

  • European Culture Club

  • European Day of Languages

  • Celebrations of cultural events