Headteachers Letter - March 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are now in the last week of this term and what a term it has been for us all. I would like to thank you and our whole community for your support so far; as you know we want to support all our students to the very best of our ability and to work closely with you as parents and carers. Even when 'normality' returns, things will be different. The lockdowns have amplified some of the challenges school and families face; working together will be even more important in the coming months.

Please look out for our Spring newsletter that highlights the wonderful and the magnificent within our community.

End of term arrangements.
The term ends on Wednesday 31st March at the end of the school day.

Next term
The new term will begin on Monday 19th April. Half term is from Monday 31st May until Friday 4th June.

We need to return to the highest possible standards, so please support the school's rules and expectations by ensuring that any necessary clothing purchases are fully in-line with our uniform policy.

As school returns, Wildern Lane will once more be very busy with pedestrians, cyclists and cars; if we can be mindful of this, try to avoid the area between both schools and also to not park/stop on the street, it would be hugely appreciated.

Remaining Inset/closure days.
The closure day that was due to take place on 18th January has now been moved to the 18th June.
Our final Inset day of the year is 21st June.

Final day of the school year.
This is Friday 23rd July where school will close at 12.30pm for the summer holidays.

Home testing
Just a reminder that this begins on Wednesday 31st March and carries on through the whole of the Easter holidays every Wednesday and Sunday.
Please ensure that you let us know using the google document the outcome of the tests. However should there be a positive test please also let us know via the email wildern@wildern.org especially in the first week of Easter when we will need to track and trace to ensure that students/staff within close proximity are told about the need to isolate.

I am sure that you are eagerly awaiting the Easter break and the easing of restrictions in the next few weeks! Together we have been through a great deal. However, summer is almost here and we can look forward to better and happier times. In the words of Will Smith, 'Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone. Appreciate what still remains. And look forward to what’s coming next.'

With very best wishes,

parent pic

Ceri Oakley