Work for Students - 15th & 16th March 2023

If there is no work available from your teacher for this week/lesson on Google Classroom please look for the subject below


For your maths learning today, please login to Sparxs Maths and complete the XP and Target activities that go with this week's self-study task.


Please continue to work through the slides from this week and complete activities on these.


Please see the post at the top of google classroom that takes you through how to access all lessons for Science. Please continue to work through the slides for this week and complete activities on these.


Explore key events in history that have taken place in March. Which one do you find the most interesting? Why? Research this event further. This website may help you:

Geography / Travel & Tourism:

Explore the Big Spring Clean campaign. How could we get more students involved in this? Design an advert (poster, radio, TV) to promote this.


Read this article about traditions at Easter. Which were you already aware of? Which do you do? Summarise this article into no more than 100 words.


Listen to Vivaldi’s Spring. Compose a short piece of music inspired by Spring.


Listen to Vivaldi’s Spring. Choreograph a short dance inspired by Spring.


Listen to Vivaldi’s Spring. Create a mime performance piece with this as the background music.


Read this article as well as this one on the effect of seasons on us. Write a top ten tips sheet on how to make the best of each season.

Art & Photography:

Create a collage inspired by Spring.


Please complete a Pe with Joe workout of your choice from here.


Please continue to work through the slides from this week and complete activities on these.

Food (and hospitality & catering):

Read this page on food seasonality. Which foods are in season now in the UK? Create a menu using predominantly seasonal foods.

Design Technology:

Read this article about how springs work. How many different household objects contain springs? What are they used for? Summarise this information into an infographic to teach other students about springs.

IT / Computer Science / imedia:

Visit and explore Google's virtual data centre here. Read the articles on each section. What are the most surprising elements to this? What isn't a surprise?


Read this page on quarters in business. What examples can you think of about the affect of the season on different businesses? Design a business plan to minimise the impact of seasons on a business that is usual affected by this.


Explore Spring marketing campaigns. Design your own marketing product to promote a Product only available in Spring (eg Easter eggs, sun cream, summer clothing etc)

Education for Life:

Please watch 2 episodes of Nine to Five with Stacey Dooley on BBC iPlayer. What skills will be important when you start your first job?