Chromebook Intro Letter 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian

Re: Chromebook Scheme – Year 9 students in September 2020

As you may be aware Wildern has been implementing a Chromebook scheme for our GCSE students since 2017. In these current circumstances we are unable to invite you into school to attend the parental information WINK which was due to be held on 6th May. Instead through this letter, the attached information booklet and forthcoming video we aim to share all the details of the Chromebook Scheme for current Year 8 students.

We have been running this non-profit making scheme enabling families to lease a Chromebook over the course of your child’s GCSE studies, having full ownership of the device at the end of the scheme.

Benefits for the student:
8 second boot-up, no waiting for the device to start-up
All work will be in one place and accessed their via school Google account
It’s ‘their’ device so used for learning at school and their own personal use at home
Automatic updates, no need to buy and purchase new software and install on device
Can be used for homework
Technical support at school through the Genius Bar

Benefits for parents:
No upfront cost
Full warranty
Full insurance
Technical support
It will be used as a professional tool at school and for homework, but students can use for their personal use at home
Supporting students in developing technological skills for the world of work
Choice of outputs meaning that students will still use pen and paper as the Chromebook is not a substitution for writing by hand
Full ownership of device at end of the scheme of monthly payments
Support for all parents how the device can be used for learning through WINK’s in Autumn 2020. This will include advice on keeping the device safe and e-safety tips.

Above is a very brief summary. Please do read the attached information booklet and watch the movie to learn the full details of the devices and scheme. There is a large FAQ section which covers all the questions raised in the past. We have endeavoured through much negotiation to get the most competitive prices on Chromebooks that can be delivered to your door.

The portal website to lease a Chromebook can be found at:

However this scheme as in the past relies on achieving a threshold of over 75% of the year group. Therefore I would like to ask if you are considering purchasing a Chromebook independently let us know as this will be counted towards the 75%. Do that here

Wednesday May 13th 2020 is the deadline for both options and on this date we will know if we have reached the 75% threshold for take-up and can proceed with this scheme. Failure to reach 75% will mean this scheme may not run which is why we need to know if you have chosen to purchase a Chromebook outside the leasing scheme.

If you have any questions, in the first instance I direct you to: or to the Wildern website here where there is lots of information regarding devices and frequently asked questions. I do stress that Chromebooks are the only devices we accept in this scheme.

Any further questions please email:

Yours Sincerely,

Mr M. Knight and Mrs K. Broadribb