Attributes - Kindness


We live in a diverse community where everyone should feel welcome, included and equal. Everyone is unique and it is a combination of our differences that shape our view of the world, our perspective and our approach. In a world where the news can be dominated by acts of discrimination or violence due to someone’s characteristics we must promote equality, diversity and kindness so our students grow into considerate, empathetic and caring individuals.








The Wildern Attributes below were created and designed by Wildern teachers and students in collaboration with our primary partner schools.

The purpose of the Wildern Attributes is to provide a core set of habits that we believe are fundamental in underpinning our own core values of Care, Quality, and Opportunity.

We expect all of our students to develop and demonstrate these attributes and we strive to provide a myriad of opportunities for this to take place.

At Wildern we strongly believe these attributes permeate through everything we do.

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