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In Year 8 we ask students to make choices about the subjects they would like to study through to the end of Year 8.  Throughout the year they will take part in a planned programme to help them to make the right decision which includes:

  • - information assemblies
  • - pathways booklets with information about each subject
  • - taster lessons (all students will have a taster lesson for all pathways subjects.¬† These are delivered within their current timeline
  • - Year 8 Speed networking events linked to our¬†careers programme
  • - support from their tutor through our Education for Life programme

Making the right choice 

This is an exciting but very important new chapter in your child’s school life. It is important to consider  these choices carefully so that your child is in a good position to make an informed decision.

It is important for your child to consider: 

  • - Their interests and areas of strength¬†
  • - What each subject involves, including examination and non-examination assessment requirements¬† (coursework)¬†
  • - Future career paths or what they might like to study at College¬†

Advice for students: 

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‚óŹ Choose a subject you enjoy and are good at.¬†

‚óŹ Don‚Äôt choose a subject because your friends are doing it or¬†because you like a particular teacher.¬†¬†Most probably your friends will be in a different class and you¬†will have a change of teacher.¬†

‚óŹ Do not select a subject thinking that you can change your¬†mind later.¬†

‚óŹ Talk to your subject teachers, form tutor, parents, or students who already study the subject.¬†

‚óŹ Think carefully about what you are going to do when you are¬†16. Find out what subjects you will need to do the courses¬†you might be interested in taking at college or university.

The English Baccalaureate 

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The English Baccalaureate is a suite of subjects recommended by the Government to ensure students  study a broad and balanced curriculum.  

These subjects are: 

  • English¬†¬†
  • Mathematics¬†
  • The Sciences including Computing Science¬†
  • An Ancient or Modern Foreign Language¬†¬†
  • History or Geography.¬†
  • Modern Foreign Languages¬†

As a school, we have always acknowledged the importance of studying a language and believe that  gaining a GCSE qualification in a language is an important part of a rounded education. 

We encourage students to take a GCSE in an MFL subject to prepare them to become global citizens who  are curious and knowledgeable of the world that surrounds them.

Language learning promotes resilience, independence and an ability to problem solve; all skills that are  widely recognised and sought after by top colleges and universities. A GCSE in a language is attractive to  future employers and enables students to understand their own language with more depth and to explore  other cultures and people.

Pathways subjects

Within the core curriculum all students will study English, Mathematics, Science, Core PE, EfL and either Geography or  History.

Students will select three further choices from the list below. They will be asked to rank order these choices. All students must select a reserve choice and places cannot be guaranteed.

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Thursday 19th January

Pathways Assembly 

Wednesday 2nd February

Year 8 Parents Evening

Wednesday 8th February

Year 8 Speed Networking Careers event

Week beginning 6th February

Pathways booklets sent home


Week beginning Tuesday 20th february

Subject information Pathways assemblies

Monday 27th February - Friday 10th March

Subject Taster Lessons

(These are built in to your child’s timetabled lessons)

Friday 10th March

Pathways forms emailed home

Monday 20th March

Deadline for Pathways forms


Pathways Information Booklet 2023
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