Key Curriculum Staff

Staff Code Name  Subject  Role of Responsibility 
NHA¬† Mrs N Anderson (PT)¬† English¬† Director of Learning ‚Äď Communications¬†
Studies inc. Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď Media Studies¬†
RKB¬† Mrs R Burden (PT)¬† RE¬† Subject Leader ‚Äď MSS¬†
MJC  Mr M Chance  PE  Deputy Headteacher 
NWC  Mrs N Cowan  Maths  Deputy Headteacher 
GSD  Mr G Denman  D&T  Director of Progress and Achievement 
ECD¬† Mrs E Dixon¬† Geography¬† Director of Learning ‚Äď Humanities, Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď Travel & Tourism and Vocation Lead.¬† Acting Subject Learning Co-ordinator - Geography¬†
HED¬† Mrs H Duncombe¬†¬† Drama¬† Director of Learning ‚Äď Creative Arts¬†
RED  Mr R Duncombe (PT)  Drama  Subject Learning Co-ordinator - Drama 
EMF  Mrs E Fearon  PE  Director of Progress and Achievement 
LEF¬† Mr L Fenner¬† Business¬† Senior Leader of Learning ‚Äď Careers and¬†
Studies & ICT¬† Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď Business Studies¬†
LHG  Mrs L Gates   Dance  Subject Learning Co-ordinator - Dance 
NMG  Miss N Greensword  History  Subject Learning Co-ordinator - History 
KSH  Mrs K Heath  Drama/Dance  Director of Progress and Achievement 
HJJ  Miss H Jones  Dance  Assistant Headteacher 
NMK¬† Miss N King¬† Design & Technology¬† Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď D&T and MAC Co-ordinator¬†
MDK  Mr M Knight  ICT  Assistant Headteacher 
SJL¬† Mr S Legg¬† Music¬† Acting Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď Music¬†
MLL  Miss M-L Litton    Executive Headteacher 
ELL¬† Mrs E Lynch (PT)¬† Art¬† Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď Art & SCITT Tutor¬†
JSM  Mrs J Marshall  Art & Textiles  Director of Progress and Achievement 
ATM¬† Mr A Messenger¬† PE¬† Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď PE¬†
BRM  Mr B Milburn  Science  Director of Progress and Achievement 
CLO  Mrs C Oakley  Humanities  Headteacher  
DEP¬† Mrs D Penney¬† Science¬† Director of Learning ‚Äď Science¬†
BGR¬† Mrs B Rooney¬† English¬† Director of Learning ‚Äď English¬†
TMR¬† Mr T Russell¬† MFL¬† Director of Learning ‚Äď MFL¬†
JOS¬† Miss J Skinner¬†¬† Geography¬† Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď Geography¬†¬†
WJS  Mr W Sleeman  Maths  Director of Learning - Maths 
JDS¬† Mr J Smith¬† D&T¬† Director of Learning ‚Äď Design & Technology¬†¬†
MMS¬† Mr M Smith¬† ICT¬† Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď Information Technology (IT)¬†
RMT  Miss R Thornton  English  Assistant Headteacher 
VET¬† Miss V Thorpe¬† MFL¬† Subject Learning Co-ordinator ‚Äď MFL¬†
MEW  Mrs M Wade (PT)  Science  Senior Data Manager 
BEW  Mr B Wainwright  PE  Director of Learning - PE 
AMW  Mrs A Warner  History/Hums  Assistant Headteacher  
SJW  Mrs S Wheeler  Science  Assistant Headteacher