At Wildern we place our students at the heart of the school community. We believe that all students can be successful in an environment where Care, Opportunity and Quality permeate all that we do, "Every Child Matters, Every Moment Counts". Wildern is a happy school which provides an atmosphere which supports students and enables their success, personal development and well-being. Our students know that they are valued as individuals with unique needs, strengths and potential.

The pastoral team consists of a Deputy Headteacher,Assistant Headteacher Behaviour and Ethos, Assistant Headteacher, Attendance and Inclusion. It also has 2 Senior Lead Pastoral Practitioners, and a team of 5 Directors of Progress and achievement each supported by an assistant., The Directors of Progress and Achievement (DOPA) and the Assistant Directors of Progress and Achievement (ADOPA). are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive and nurturing ethos within the Year group, monitoring the overall academic progress of each student and supporting the work of the Form Tutors within the team. There are 12 or 14 tutor groups per Year Group, department or cohort size.

The Form Tutor is the lynchpin of the pastoral care system. Each Form Tutor is responsible for a Tutor Group, which stays together for registration and tutorial purposes, in most cases for five years; a comprehensive tutor time programme, This is me/My future sessions, supports the work of the Form Tutor. Part of the tutor's role is to monitor attendance and behaviour, as well as to maintain an overview of academic progress.

Additionally, tutor groups within a Year Group are divided into one of the six School Houses – Alba, Bedford, Driscoll, Jubilee, Paxton and Sovereign - for the Wildern House Championships. The championship is designed to work within year and across year groups. All curriculum areas contribute and every student will have an opportunity to participate in a range of competitions.

For more information go to the House Championships page.

The pastoral structure is further underpinned and supported by Student Services, our Inclusion Manager, Learning Hub Manager, school counsellor, ELSA team, Mental Health First Aiders and First Aid Team. They work alongside the Directors of Progress and Achievement (DOPAs) to support and educate our students with emotional and behavioural issues that can impact their learning within the school environment and beyond. 

We offer support to parents/guardians, and are able to signpost them to other agencies if needed, who can advise and support students and families outside school.

The students themselves play a large role in leading the pastoral system; our Head Boy and Girl with their Deputies lead our school Prefect team. The House Captains of each of our six Houses support all the students and help run and organise many of the House competitions. In Year 8 students volunteer to become one of our Transition Leaders. This group of students is instrumental in supporting Year 7 during those first few months of secondary school. There are also Focus Groups and a strong Student Voice Forum that is integral to the fabric of the school. 

Our School Wellbeing hub is a virtual resource that is accessible 24/7 to all school stakeholders.