Care Opportunity Quality

Wildern is a special place where we all believe in the same ethos, values, and principles. There is warmth at Wildern that you cannot fail to notice as you walk around, despite our large size.

Care is high on our list of priorities. To us this means respecting community values like honesty, integrity, and concern for others in an ever-changing world; so at Wildern we are there to support, guide and care to help our students make the right decisions. We ensure that our students feel safe, understood and are valued as individuals.

Quality doesn’t just happen. We create a culture of high expectations, high aspirations, where to succeed is the norm. Our impressive academic success ensures that our students are ready for life beyond Wildern. Whilst our excellent GCSE results may demonstrate outstanding student learning, at our heart is a focus on every student, every ability, every success be it academic, sporting or within the Arts.

Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts; we believe that the advice and guidance we provide will support their choices through life, encourage their love of learning and develop them as formidable citizens for the future.

Opportunity. There is a diverse range of academic, extracurricular and enrichment activities at Wildern, regardless of ability. We want to open our students’ eyes to the myriad of opportunities the world has to offer outside of their own community and enable them to want to explore beyond their doorstep. In a world which is getting smaller and smaller, we want our students to feel comfortable when they meet people from different cultures, societies, and religions.
Our mission, therefore, is to ensure:

• Our students are happy and healthy; that they respect community values like honesty, integrity, and concern for others in a changing world.

• Our students make progress and fulfil their potential through a clear focus on learning and quality teaching in a supportive and stimulating environment; where every student is known as an individual and challenged regardless of ability.

• New technology is utilised to ensure that learning is vibrant, exciting, challenging and enterprising in a collaborative learning environment between students and teachers

• All students see the opportunities before them, be part of the next generation that push boundaries, make advancements and develop answers.

Our strong partnership with parents is fundamental in supporting this drive to enrich all of our students; who often develop into determined, adaptable and compassionate young people.

Care, Opportunity and Quality: Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts.  

This is the Wildern way.