Year 11 Exam Info 2021 & GCSE Results 2021

We take great pride in the achievements of our students particularly in this extraordinary year when it was decided that Centre Assessed Grades or a Grade higher given by an algorithm were to be awarded for GCSE's and completed components were to be used for GCSE Equivalent courses.  

Calculated Grade Results 2021

85% of all students secured Grades 4 to 9 in English and Mathematics

60% of all students secured Grades 5 to 9 in English and Mathematics

35% of all GCSE grades were 7 to 9

56% of students were entered for the EBacc (Eng, Maths, Science Geog OR History and an MFL)

46% of students achieved standard (Grades 4+) EBacc passes and 37% of students achieved strong (5+) EBacc passes

EBacc Average Point Score = 5.27

Attainment 8 = 56.69

89% of students stayed in further education for at least 2 terms (2019 leavers) 

Please click here to visit the Department for Education Website which shows GCSE results for Wildern School 

To ensure that students are prepared for their actual GCSE exams, throughout KS4, there are several times where planned practice exams take place. These are published within the parent handbooks sent out at the start of September and on the parent App key dates.

For each examination, including the practice exams, students are given a personalised timetable indicating the time, length and location of each exam as well as their seat number.

It is essential that students record a note of the time, location and seat number of each exam, as these are different for different exams.

Students are expected to arrive at the exam location 10 minutes before the start time of the exam

To meet with the JCQ expectations, all electronic equipment, including mobile phones will be handed in before the start of the exam, pencil cases need to be transparent and clear bottles of water with no label are allowed.

For more information see attached files and below links to letters sent in the summer of 2021.


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Year 11 November Practice Exam Timetable 2021
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