Physical Education

Physical Education mission statement, ‘Raising the bar’:

‘To create an engaging, enjoyable and challenging environment for both staff and students. Where students feel confident to develop and learn, where participation is monitored, measured and celebrated’
Permeating everything we do in PE is understanding the importance of adopting and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

A personalised and creative curriculum encourages student engagement, enjoyment and development of vitally important core skills and sporting knowledge. An extensive extra-curricular programme supports students in the development of those core skills in a challenging and competitive environment.

Key Stage 3

Throughout Year 7, 8 & 9 , students experience a broad and balanced curriculum, in which they develop their skills across a range of sports. During the first half term, students undertake a series of practical baseline assessments which gives them access to a sample of units followed throughout KS3.

Students participate in a range of activities including, outwitting an opponent, swimming, personal survival, gymnastics, healthy active lifestyle, striking and fielding and athletics.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11), students participate in PE by selecting from a series of sports pathways including offsite activities such as bowling and golf. Students, through their participation, are encouraged to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of their chosen sports and enhance their performance levels alongside developing an understanding of the importance of a healthy active lifestyle.

In addition to their core PE programme (above), students may opt to follow an examination pathway in Physical Education. The PE department provides examination courses, including GCSE PE and VCert Health and Fitness; all cater for the learning needs of students who have an aptitude and enthusiasm to further develop their learning in Physical Education. The PE department achieves well above the national average in these examinations.

VCERT Level 1/2 Technical award in Health & Fitness (NCFE)

Students will complete two units on this course. 

  • Unit 1 - Students will be externally assessed via a written examination lasting 1 hour 45 minutes which is worth 40% of the course.  
  • Unit 2 - Students will be internally assessed through completing a training programme synoptic project which is worth 60% of the course. 

Grades available: Distinction* - Level 1 Pass (equivalent to GCSE grades 8.5-1) 

GCSE PE (Pearson Edexcel)

Students will complete four components on this course. 

  • Component 1: examined externally in written examinations based on fitness and body systems lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes and is worth 34% of the course. 
  • Component 2: examined externally in written examinations based on health and performance lasting 1 hour 15 minutes and is worth 26% of the qualification. 
  • Component 3: Non-examined assessment (NEA) part of the course where students are assessed on individual and team sporting performance worth 30% of the course. 
  • Component 4 Non examined assessment (NEA) part of the course where students complete a personal exercise programme which is worth 10% of the course.  

Trips and Extra-Curricular Activities

The PE department organises a series of trips both within the UK and abroad: European Ski trips, Outdoor activity centre trips, Sports tours both within the UK and abroad.

An extensive programme of extra-curricular activities is maintained as part of the schools’ enrichment programme. These activities take place before school, during the lunch break and after school. Students are enabled to participate in ‘open access’ activities and as a member of a representative team to participate in local, county and national sports competitions.

The PE Faculty is proud of the extensive programme of activities that are maintained for students and we are continuing to add to our already extensive programme to offer students the greatest extra-curricular provision possible.