House system

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The Wildern House Championship was relaunched in 2012 after careful collaboration with both students and staff. Every member of the school community, excluding the Head teacher, Associate Head teacher, and the House Championship coordinator, is associated to one of the six houses. Naming the schools houses was voted upon by students and staff who decided to represent Hedge Ends rich strawberry growing heritage and so are named after specific varieties:

Alba (Orange)
Bedford (Green)
Driscoll (Yellow)
Jubilee (Purple)
Paxton (Blue)
Sovereign (Red)

The make up for each house is spread across all year groups, with two/three tutor groups being allocated to each house. Students in that tutor group will continue to represent that house for the full five years at Wildern whilst being supported by all other staff who are house members. Heads of house are all from the schools Senior Leadership team and are ably assisted by the House Captains who form a focal point for the organisation and delivery of events across the school, while also publishing results on the House blog pages and screens across the school.

The Wildern house championship underpins the school moto of “Care, Opportunity, Quality” in which all aspects of school life positively contribute to an overall successful winner. Day to day attendance and eref awarded by teachers are all collated and added to house totals while a wide variety of events take place across the whole curriculum and its community programme. Students of all ages have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of subject events and whole school competitions that have a positive impact on individual achievement, Houses, subject areas and the whole school.