All students are expected to uphold the high standards of the school. This is especially applicable to uniform. It is our belief that if students are appropriately dressed for school, they are in the correct mind-set for learning and the expectations this brings.

If a student is wearing incorrect uniform they will be told to correct it for the next school day and a mark will be placed on their uniform tracker. Each time a row is completed on the tracker, a sanction is put in place. Should uniform breaches happen on a regular basis, parents will be asked to attend a meeting with the DOPA to discuss a way forward as this is seen as persistent defiance.

School uniform is available to purchase from Skoolkit at 31 Leigh Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9FF or online at www.skoolkit.co.uk.


Plain black leather shoes with entirely black laces/velco.  (They must be business-like leather and polishable with no visible logos, other colours or contrasting soles).  

Jewellery The only permitted items of jewellery are: 

  • A watch
  • ONE Stud in each ear lobe (Silver of Gold)¬†
  • No other piercing is permitted in school.¬†
  • If you allow your son or daughter to have additional piercings, please arrange for these to be done at the start of the school summer holidays so that there is no need for retainers when they return to school in September.¬† No piercings that require retainers should be undertaken at any other time of the school year, as they will not be permitted.¬†¬†
  • The wearing of any other jewellery, including wrist bangles wither by girls or boys is not permitted.¬† The only badges that may be worn are those issued by the school.¬†¬†

Summer Uniform: From May Half Term 

There is an option to wear a short sleeved shirt with school logo that can be worn without a tie and sweatshirt

  • If a short sleeved shirt without a logo is worn, the school tie needs to be worn
  • If a sweatshirt is worn, a tie always needs to be worn.¬†


  • Dark outdoor coat of a plain, sober colour and unpatterned material is preferable. (Fluorescent strips advisable for added safety on dark evenings)
  • Coats should be waterproof, hooded tops, tracksuit type jackets and other outdoor clothing of this type, particularly if emblazoned with logos/motifs or large lettering are not acceptable.¬†¬†
  • Any coats should always be worn over school jumpers, not as a replacement, and should be removed when indoors.¬†¬†

PE table if needed

Swimming: Plain dark coloured trunks/one piece swimming costume and towel

KS3 DANCE: green/red shorts and green/red Wildern Polo Shirt, Plain black sports leggings or tracksuit bottoms 

KS4 DANCE: Black GCSE Dance T-shirt and Plain black sports leggings or tracksuit bottoms 

EXAMINATION PE: Red/Green PE polo shirt (optional) 

Plimsolls are not acceptable footwear

All Students must have sports trainers, not fashion trainers.

Prohibited/Banned Items

  • Knives and other weapons
  • Drugs (other than prescription medication that is kept with first aid by arrangement)¬†
  • Drug paraphernalia¬†
  • Aerosol sprays¬†
  • Tippex and Solvents¬†
  • Chewing gum¬†
  • Energy Drinks, including Lucozade¬†
  • Cigarettes, tobacco and other smoking paraphernalia¬†
  • E Cigarettes and vaping equipment¬†
  • Students are also advised not to bring cash or valuable possessions into school, as we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage¬†
  • Mobile Phones, iPads, MP3 Player, headphones and Airpods should not be visible.¬† Such equipment, if bought into school, should be kept in the students' school bag.¬† (If such equipment is used without permission or it is seen around the school site during break times and lunch times, it will be confiscated and if a repeat offence parents or carers will be required to collect the item from reception).¬†¬†


Wildern School Uniform Price List
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