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In a world where we are constantly being reminded of global warming and the need to be sustainable, we believe that it is extremely important for our students to understand the implications of their actions to their community, their world.

At Wildern, through our curriculum programmes, we highlight these issues and ensure that all students are committed to improving the environment and see that they can make a difference, no matter how small from switching off lights, recycling paper to reducing their carbon footprint.

To this end, the school has achieved recognition for its work in this area.

In 2019, we achieved the Green Flag Award, after an assessment of our school practices led by our Eco-students. Demonstrating the continued success of the Eco Group and their dedication to ensuring students across the school understand the importance of our environment.  

"I would like to thank the Eco Team and the Eco Coordinator for an interesting and pleasant morning and offer my congratulations for some outstanding work.  The Action Plan showed clarity and direction and without doubt Wildern School's Eco Team and Eco-coordinator are their greatest strength.  I found the students open, honest, articulate and wonderful ambassadors for the school.  They were keen to talk, rightly proud of their achievements and keen to glean other ideas.  The team's work with feeder schools was impressive and afforded the Wildern Students a great opportunity to share their skills.  Well done to everyone."

The Eco Focus Group have organised a number of events to encourage both students at Wildern and our feeder Primary Schools to look after their environment.  These include the 'Give a bug a home Day' which promoted the message of Biodiversity, Waste and Recycling fortnight which included tutor time activities such as Designing and Making a 'Recyclable Monster' and an Art Competition.  

We entered the 'Air your Views' Competition held by Hampshire County Council, which was designed to encourage students to think about air pollution; it's causes and effects and how they can make a difference.  Our Eco students have reflected on their carbon footprint and thought about how to reduce them.  Frequent visits from the Eastleigh Sustainability Officer allow students access to up to date knowledge of our area's ongoing battles with the environment.  So they are are able to come up with new ways to change our society.  

The Eco Focus Group strive to ensure their voices are heard by as many students at Wildern as possible to inspire all to make changes.  

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