Wildern School has worked closely with the Travel Planning Team at Hampshire County Council to ensure we encourage safer and more sustainable modes of travel to school for our students, families, staff and visitors to the school site.

We welcome the following modes of transport to school including:

  • Walking
  • Cycling – Sheltered storage available for bicycles
  • Public & School Bus services. Public buses Xelabus Route 504 running from Wildern School to West End (Tesco Express). This bus only runs at the end of the school day. Bluestar Bus Company: Route 3 comes from Boorley Green via Botley to Hedge End. First Bus Company: Route City Red 8 Southampton, Via West End to Hedge End.
  • Park & Stride – Parking areas at B&Q and Pavilion Carparks
  • Trains into Hedge End train station 90 minutes from London Waterloo


Students who walk to school are asked to keep to the pavements, especially where this will avoid walking on roads.  We also ask that students are aware of other pedestrians using the pavements; keeping to one side and being respectful.


There is a secure cycle shelter for bikes brought into school.

Students wishing to cycle to school must have a cycle permit which is issued upon completion of this form.  Cycle permits are issued on condition that the bike has been checked recently and is roadworthy. We strongly advise that students wear a cycle helmet.

The bike should have both front and rear lights and students are encouraged to wear some form of luminous bands on their clothing.

It is recommended that students have undertaken a cycle proficiency test, which our linked primary schools operate in order that they are able to cope on the roads around the school. The approach roads to Wildern are very busy, particularly between 8.00-8.30am and 3.00-3.30pm.

Students who cycle to school should dismount at the school gates and wheel their bikes to the shelter.  Whenever students leave the school, they are expected to wheel their bikes to the exit gate before starting to cycle.

Parents are advised to insure bikes against theft in particular, since there seems to be a pattern of organised theft from secondary schools.  The school cannot bear any responsibility for this.

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Cars on site

We ask that you observe the speed limit and signage across the site and park considerately with safety in mind at all times.

When students are dropped off in the morning, we ask that this is done between the entrance and exit gates; avoiding coming into the main car park.

Conversely, at the end of the school day, students are not to be collected from inside the school gates unless by prior arrangement. You will appreciate that the exit of 1900 students from the site makes the school very busy.

The site generally has limited space and is also open throughout the day to community use. To help alleviate any congestion we have a Partnership agreement with B&Q whereby visitors may utilise their parking facilities. Additionally, we have an agreement with Eastleigh Borough Council and Hedge End Town Council for further parking at the Turnpike Way recreation ground. Both locations are only a few minutes walk away.

Finally if travelling by car to any of our major events such as WINK evenings please remember to leave in plenty of time as parking on site cannot be guaranteed and tends to be very congested and the likelihood of the car park being full is high. Once more B&Q car park and Turnpike Way recreation ground can be used.

eScooters on site

Students are not permitted to bring eScooters onto the school site.  Please see the attached leaflet from Hampshire Police.

Mopeds on site

Students are not permitted to bring Mopeds or Motorcycles onto the school site.  This is due to insurance purposes and the obvious risk to pedestrian welfare.

School Transport

Wildern is lucky that the bus service to West End pulls into the school site for the end of the school day. Students using the bus are unsupervised.  Good behaviour is expected and students must remain seated.  Failure to comply may result in the privilege to travel being withdrawn.  Please note that this transport is provided by Xelabus and is not a designated ‘school bus’ service.  If you have any queries regarding this transport, please contact them directly.

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