Within Humanities our vision is to develop enquiring minds which foster curiosity, intrigue and passion for people, cultures and the history of the world around them. Encouraging students to challenge issues from the past and present and examine the impact these have on future generations, whilst giving them the courage to question and become active global citizens.

The department incorporates five subjects in total – History, Geography, RE, MSS and Travel & Tourism. As a department we consistently share best practice and work collaboratively to maintain ours and the school’s high standards to ensure that students achieve their best possible in each subject.

The lessons that students receive across the department enable them to understand the world that we live in, investigate people in different times and different places, develop empathy by gaining an understanding of people’s values and beliefs whilst encouraging them to examine their own values and attitudes in a global society through the skills of analysis and critical thinking.

The department offers a plethora of extra curricular activities and trips that take place throughout the year from day trips and international trips.  We take every opportunity to offer students wider experiences through inviting in guest speakers and working closely with the local community.