Cycling to School

Important Information for Parents

Wildern supports students who wish to cycle to school since it improves their fitness and health, benefits their general development and reduces traffic congestion outside the school making conditions safer for everyone. Students are encouraged to wear a correctly fitted cycle helmet and use appropriate reflective clothing, i.e. bright and conspicuous, and lights when visibility is poor.

While Wildern School wishes to encourage an increase in the number of students cycling to school, the decision as to whether your child is competent to negotiate such hazards as may present themselves on route from home to school and back must be yours. Wildern does not accept liability for any consequences of that decision. Parents are also advised to take out appropriate insurance cover, as the schools insurance does not cover loss or damage to cycles on the school site.

It is strongly recommended that cyclists complete an appropriate cycling training course. Both Wildern and our feeder schools regularly offer courses run by fully qualified trainers. Please contact the school for more information.

Parents/Carers are to ensure the cycle is roadworthy and in good working order, including the tyres, lights and brakes.

Students wishing to cycle to school must have a cycle permit which is issued upon completion of this form. Cycle permits are issued on condition that the bike has been checked recently and is roadworthy. We strongly advise that students wear a cycle helmet.

Conditions for Cycling to School

  • A helmet is encouraged when cycling. RoSPA recommends that all cyclists wear a cycle helmet that meets a recognised safety standard. Cycle helmets, when correctly worn, are effective in reducing the risk of receiving major head or brain injuries in an accident.
  • Cycles must be maintained in good working order.
  • Cyclists must ride sensibly at all times and follow the Highway Code (only one person per cycle/not riding on pavements/both sets of brakes working. Riding with due consideration to all members of the public – whether they are walking or in vehicles)
  • All cycles must be locked securely in the approved cycle parking area
  • Students must be extra vigilant when arriving at school and leaving at the end of the school day and not cycle once on the school site.
  • Spot checks may be carried out from time to time and cycles will be impounded if considered to be un-roadworthy. Parents will be asked to collect the cycle at the end of the school day.
Cycle Policy