Student Services

Who are they? 

The student Services team are a support and intervention team who are skilled in offering staff, students and parents the support they may need to succeed in school. 


We aim to: 

  • Respond to any immediate¬†concerns parents and carers may have.
  • Liaise with year staff and teachers as necessary.¬†
  • Follow up any concerns and keep parents/carers informed of progress.
  • Track and monitor attendance & punctuality.
  • Work with parents to help them support their children
  • Provide bespoke interventions to support students in behaviour, well-being and health.
  • Work with staff to safeguard and support students.
  • Work closely with outside agencies to provide support 'beyond our walls'.¬†

How does Student Services work? 

The team is made up of: 

  • Miss S Cooper (SLPP Pastoral)¬†
  • Mr G Bateman (SLPP Pastoral)¬†
  • Mrs A Chandler (Student¬†Support Officer and Inclusion)¬†
  • Mrs B Cooper (Student Support Officer)¬†
  • Ms L Duck (Mental Health First Aider)¬†

They deal with enquiries and act as a liaison between the Director of Progress and Achievement (DOPA), tutors and staff e.g friendship issue, Mental Health & Well-being, bullying, truancy concerns and detention matters.  

Incidents will always involve the DOPA.  This service is to support their work and offer a first point of contact prior to their involvement.  

Parents can ring directly through to Students Services on 01489 779494 if they have pastoral concerns.  These may include bullying, attendance, emotional upset etc.  The DOPA still has overall responsibility.  

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