Design & Technology

Technology mission statement:

‘To have a curriculum which inspires, motivates and maximises the potential of all students by delivering the curriculum and more, through imaginative and effective projects in an awe inspiring environment.’

Technology moto:

Be inspired by the past
Creating excellence in the present
Embrace the future

The technology department aims to:

Our long term aim is to produce thinking, adaptable adults capable of taking his / her place in a changing society. We strive to create a distinctive and dynamic partnership between students and staff in the Department through our level of care, concern and professionalism.

The Technology curriculum seeks to promote an educational culture which is scientific, technological and vocational within the framework of the school. In addition, our Department aims to provide the excellent practical technological, scientific and communication skills needed by our manufacturing and service industries. Thus ensuring that our students will be well-educated and technologically skilled, ready and able to progress into employment, further training or higher education according to their individual aptitudes and ambitions.

The Departments general aims are:

To foster awareness, understanding and expertise in those areas of creative thinking which can be expressed and developed through investigation and research, planning, designing, making and evaluating, working with materials and tools.

To encourage the acquisition of a body of knowledge applicable to solving practical / technological problems operating through processes of analysis, synthesis and realisation.

To stimulate the development of a range of communication skills which are central to design, making and evaluation.

To stimulate the development of a range of designing and making skills.

To encourage students to relate their work to their personal interests and abilities. This should demand active and experimental learning based upon the use of materials in practical areas.

To promote the development of curiosity, enquiry, initiative, ingenuity, respect, reflection, determination and pride.

To encourage technological awareness, foster attitudes of co-operation and social
responsibility, and develop abilities to enhance the quality of the environment.

To stimulate the exercising of valued judgements of an aesthetic, technical, economic and moral nature.

Develop imaginative and original thought.

Develop the power of creativity through the process of investigation, analysis, designing, making and evaluation, both as an individual and as a group member.

Develop the use of new technologies whenever possible.

Develop the art of constructive criticism and the skills of self and group assessment.

Encourage a safe working practice within all areas of Technology.

Key Stage 3

Students are taught:

Year 7 Design & Technology
Robot – Timbers and mixed materials project
Moisture Sensor - Electronics and Polymers project
Phone case – Textiles project

Year 7 Food and Nutrition
A series of foundation skills, mainly focusing on snacks for a balanced diet

Year 8 Design & Technology
Pull along toy – Timbers project
USB colour changing mood lamp - Electronics and mixed materials project
Soft Toy – Textiles project

Year 8 Food and Nutrition
Building on skills learnt in Year 7, mainly focusing on meals for a balanced diet.

Key Stage 4

Design and Technology GCSE – with Edexcel exam board
Within D&T we offer students to chance to specialise in either wood/metal/plastics or textiles

Food preparation and nutrition – with AQA exam board

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Textiles Club 
KS3 Design and Technology club
KS4 Extra support for GCSE
Wildern bake off competition
STEM club


In recent years we have taken students to the Southampton boat show, Laverstock farm, Cadbury world, Big Bang Show to name but a few.