Cutting Edge teaching, technology & the arts

Our aim is to enable students to become active lifelong learners. To facilitate this we use a range of teaching methods and technological equipment to ensure that learning is vibrant, exciting, challenging and enterprising.

We are proud of our achievements working in partnership with students and teachers, from Wildern and other schools to develop the role of new technologies and integrating them into the everyday learning process. These innovative teaching and learning practices both enhance students’ enjoyment and attainment in their lessons.

Students use Chromebooks, i-Pads, mobile phones within lessons to develop their learning and engagement.  Teaching and learning resources are integrated into Google Classroom which are accessible to all students at any time.

STEAM is an education watchword - a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines; science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the arts.

STEAM is so relevant to the curriculum today and to our students' future tomorrow - so much so, that we work closely on this programme with our linked primary schools, the local Sixth Form Colleges and Southampton University.

Wildern's experienced team of teachers work in close partnership with a plethora of industries; with Apple, Microsoft, Shakespeare School’s Festival, International Rock Challenge and Lifelab within Southampton University are all active collaborators.  Our most recent collaboration is becoming an Edtech demonstrator School which supports schools across the South with the use of new technology in the classroom. We also celebrated National recognition for the Arts; Artsmark: Platinum award.

The Arts are a special area of strength for us. We strongly believe that the Arts are an essential part of a broad and balanced curriculum. At Wildern we harness the power of the Arts to promote personal development, self-reliance, creativity and independence of thought. In turn this enhances a sense of confidence and responsibility with students making the most of their abilities. We are, and always will be a flagship school for arts and culture and will continue to strive for and present excellence and innovation in arts and culture.