Life beyond the classroom

At Wildern, we believe that students gain valuable learning experiences, from going on cultural visits overseas to visiting local points of interest and participating in local community projects.

We believe that educational visits and out-of-school teaching can bring learning to life by deepening our young people's understanding of the environment, history and culture and improving their personal development. Therefore, we are always seeking to bring the world into the classroom and take our students beyond it.

School trips have clear benefits for students and we have many successful visits and outdoor learning activities that take place each year.  Students are able to take part in a number of foreign visits with cultural, historical or even sporting themes.  For example, historical tours, language experiences, trips to the Globe, Theatre trips, Museum Tours, The Botanical Gardens and many more.  

We want to open our students eyes to the myriad of opportunities the world has to offer outside of their own community and enable them to want to explore beyond their doorstep. In a world which is getting smaller and smaller, we want our students to feel comfortable when they meet people from different cultures, societies and religions.

Finally, in a technologically advancing world, we want our students to see the opportunities before them and be part of the next generation that push boundaries, make advancements and develop answers.