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The Anxious child is a guide for parents about supporting a child experiencing anxiety. 

Credit: The Mental Health Foundation 

book of mindfulness3


The Little Book of Mindfulness is magazine style guide using Mindfulness to help with stress and worries. 

Credit: Medibank 


I Gotta Feeling is a self-help guide for young people to help cope with stress.  

Credit: Evidence Based Practice Unit, Anna Freud Centre 

 sel esteem

 Issues with Self-Esteem? is a self-help guide for young people to help cope with low self-esteem. 

Credit: Wellbeing Service.  South Glasgow 

self harm

Coping with Self-Harm is a guide for parents and carers to help support young people who self-harm.  

Credit: Researchers at the University of Oxford


The Good-Night Guide for Children is an advice booklet to help parents deal with sleep difficulties in children 

Credit: The Sleep Council 


Trauma and Young People is a Publication from the Children Society to help people to understand the impact early trauma can have on a young person 

Credit: The Children's Society 


An introductory Self-help Course in CBT is one of many terrific resources from the Get Self Help Website. 

Credit: Get Self Help 


Looking After Myself is a good self help guide designed specifically for young carers but is relevant to all.  

Credit: Children's Society 


All about ADHD is a helpful resource explaining ADHD to families and young people

Credit: Mental Health Foundation 


The How To Series is a series of self help guides from the Mental Health Foundation.  This one focuses on managing stress 

Credit: Mental Health Foundation 


A Self-help guide for anger, one of several self-help guides from the Northumberland Trust

Credit: Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust 


Building Resilience in children aged 0-12 is a practice guide to promote children's resilience.  

Credit: Beyond Blue 


A guide to parents to help them support an anxious young person. 

Credit: Anxiety Uk 

 Positive Parenting

 Balancing the various demands parents have to cope with isn't easy and all parents can come under pressure from time to time.  This guide shares practical advice and tips for positive parenting techniques. 

Credit: NSPCC 


Understanding Autism is one of many great downloads available from the National Autistic Society. 

Credit: National Autistic Society 


This is a CBT self-help workbook aimed for students to help manage worries

Credit: Exeter University 


This is another self help guide aimed at students from Exeter University aimed at increasing resilience.  

Credit: Exeter University 


 A self-help guide for health anxiety, one of several self-help guides from the Northumberland Trust

Credit: Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust


This is a guide for parents to help them manage their children's emotions and meltdowns.  

Credit: NSPCC 


This is a guide to help understand the theory behind CBT and how it helps us with our mental health.  

Credit: CAMH 


This is a self help guide for parents to help them support their children to develop emotional intelligence. 

Credit: Therapy Change 


This guide helps to find solutions to our problems in a healthy way. 

Credit: Talk Plus 


This is a detailed self help guide from America that helps parents to support their child through the challenges of Adolescence.  

Credit:US Department of Education