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At Wildern, we are proud to sit at the heart of our community in which we serve.

One of our Trust aims is:

To develop further the schools wider community role and our contribution to opportunities for our stakeholders in our immediate community, particularly in the arts and sport.

We are always looking at ways to further support and develop community links, programmes and aid charity work in the area. The Wildern Community Management Committee oversees the community provision with representatives from HEWEB, local town council and Eastleigh Borough Council. This ensures a joined up approach to community provision in the area.

Please click here to see the community website.

One crucial area of work is the strong links that we have forged with our linked primary schools (Wildern Primary Partnership – WPP) in order that continuity and progression for our students takes place and transition is smooth. Many exciting projects take place throughout the school year involving teachers and students from Wildern and our primary schools working together. In summer 2017, we successfully ran the Beehive project.

For more information about the project please click here.

Together WPP created a vision statement that we believe defines us a group and that enables our meetings to be student and learning focused.

‘We are innovative, dynamic and resilient schools. We are ambitious for all learners in the Wildern Primary Partnership to thrive, achieve well and willingly contribute. All learners will have the confidence and motivation to support their community through shaping futures by building and strengthening common values.’