These are exciting times for the Media department with an ever-evolving curriculum and expanding topic base.

  • The Media course offered at Wildern School is inspiring and enjoyable thanks to the broadening and constantly developing Media spectrum.
  • Media studies is a subject that has a variety of platforms to study. Ranging from film and TV, to print and web based media texts, Media studies is a broad subject.
  • Increasingly, our focus takes us to the study of social and participatory Media forms; using the computers to study games, vlogging and other interactive media.
  • Students not only explore existing media texts, but also plan and create their own. This includes filming and editing footage, as well as design work using Photoshop and other software in 901. 
  • Many of the resources for the students are placed on Google Classroom whereby all students can access and use existing resources.  These will continue to be developed throughout the year to meet the needs of the students and the specification.