Attributes - Curiosity


There is a feeling across the world that our heroes have superhuman abilities that lead them to greatness, success, stardom. However people with a growth mindset know that even heroes have to develop their curiosity, work hard and practice for their achievements. It is said that top performers practice 1,000 hours a year and to be world-class at something takes 10 years. Therefore we allow time for our students to practice their skills. This can either be distributed (spreads out study activities over time) or interleaved (mixes different kinds of problems within a single lesson). Students who are curious, often seek solutions themselves, investigating and researching something and showing great independence which prepares them for the world ahead.








Seize opportunities


The Wildern Attributes were created and designed by Wildern teachers and students in collaboration with our primary partner schools.

The purpose of the Wildern Attributes is to provide a core set of habits that we believe are fundamental in underpinning our Trust's core values of Care, Quality and Opportunity. At Wildern we believe that "Every Person Matters" and these characteristics when embedded further highlight this belief.

We expect all of our students to develop and demonstrate these attributes and we strive to provide a myriad of opportunities for this to take place.

At Wildern we strongly believe these attributes permeate through everything we do.

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